Yomdel Conversion Rate Optimisation

Yomdel helps your business increase online conversion rates to 25%, while boosting Average Order Values by 10%.

Ecommerce conversion rates are only about 3% of unique visitors. And of those people that put items in their baskets, 70% will abandon their purchase.

Why does this happen?

It’s mainly down to unanswered questions and a lack of human interaction.

Imagine how many more sales or conversions there would be if you could talk to customers at checkout or other critical points in their journey.

Using Live Chat to talk to people when they hesitate at checkout, or to answer questions or concerns elsewhere on your website, is proven to increase conversion rates to 25% or more and average order values by at least 10%.

At Yomdel we combine expertise in how people use websites and what makes them buy or abandon, powerful technology to serve live chat AND the teams of highly trained people you need to answer the questions that block your sales and conversions.

We know exactly what behaviours indicate impending basket abandonment and we know when to step in to help them buy.

What’s more, Yomdel never sleeps and is there 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve your customers.

Talk to Yomdel to add the human dimension to your online business AND ramp up sales and leads.

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