WEBINAR: How To Convince Your Boss On Conversion Rate Optimisation

Recording of our joint webinar with conversion optimisation agency PRWD on May 12th 2015.

This practical webinar provides you with the tips and techniques needed to present a persuasive argument to your senior management team, allowing you to get the buy-in you need for your conversion rate optimisation efforts.

The webinar was hosted by Dave Cannel, Optimizely’s Partner Manager for the UK and Ireland. Special guest is Matt Lacey, Head of Optimisation at PRWD, who shares five steps to follow based on his own experience of working on conversion optimisation programmes with companies such as The North Face, Trend Micro, Bensons for Beds and British Cycling.

Step 1: Identifying who you need to convince and what they already understand
Step 2: Tackling Risk and Myth Busting
Step 3: How to use real numbers and let the data do the talking
Step 4: How to explain CRO’s impact on your marketing spend, customer understanding and innovation
Step 5: The fear of loss – Are you losing market share to your competitors? are you losing revenue through bad decision making?

In this webinar you will acquire the skills you need to convince your boss to start conversion rate optimisation and be the champion of data-driven decisions within your organisation.

1. You’ll be armed with an easy, five-step process that will help you throughout any conversation

2. You’ll know which information to use in a particular situation and how it will become one of your most valuable weapons

3. You’ll discover how speaking your boss’s language will help open doors in the process of bringing your CRO efforts to fruition

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