SLCSEM Presents: Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

SLCSEM Presents: Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

Want to increase conversions on your site immediately? Let’s be honest, increasing traffic to your website takes time – and time costs money. What if you could increase conversions while you work on increasing traffic and exposure? Now you have the magical one-two punch.

One of the hottest trends in internet marketing is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). SLC SEM has once again rounded up some industry experts to share valuable insights, tips and tricks to turn visitors into converting customers. These conversion techniques are for everyone – whether you are an eCommerce site or whether you just want someone to simply download a whitepaper.

Come to this event and go back with tactics that should start increasing your site conversions immediately.

We have two great presenters lined up for you.

Sunny HuntSunny Hunt from Hunt Interaction

You Are Not Your Customer – 4 Real World Conversion Tips

Understanding consumer behavior, identifying segments and bringing the right people to your site in the first place can have a massive impact on conversion.

See real case studies and insights by our own Salt Lake professional Sunny Hunt from Hunt Interaction.

Ahlan KeserAlhan Keser from Wider Funnel

When Best Practices Fail to Convert

There are best practices for everything, including CRO. You can find these in countless blogs and being spouted from the mouths of experts. And they’re great – they save us time and make us look awesome. But they’re also a crutch. What happens when they get put to the test and fail to increase conversion rates? Where do you turn? That’s where a CRO strategy comes into play.

We are excited to welcome one of the best Conversion Rate Optimization experts in the industry Ahlan Keser with Wider Funnel. Alhan will demonstrate, using real-world examples, how to uncover conversion barriers and overcome failing best practices.

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