Google Adwords Optimization Tips – PPC Management Strategies

3 Google Adwords Optimization Tips: how to increase conversions and decrease cost in your Google Adwords account.

Google Adwords is a very powerful advertising platform that allows you to reach a wide audience in a matter of minutes, this translates in enormous possibilities but it also highlights the requirement to optimize your account in order to target your right audience.

Here I highlight 3 top tips for Google Adwords optimization and the recommended strategy to follow in each case.

Tip #1: Adwords Ads, Keywords and Landing Page Alignment
Tip #2: Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)
Tip #3: Negative Keywords

Find out what alignment means in Google Adwords and how do you align your Google Adwords account?

Discover the four elements that represent the fundamental part for optimizing your Google Adwords account.

With tip number two you’ll be able to increase your click through rate by dynamically inserting keywords inside your ads. This is a crucial tip because it allows you to increase in a dramatic way your CTR. You can see some real examples on how to implement this inside your account.

Tip number three concentrates on negative keywords. Negative keywords represent one of the most important aspects inside Google Adwords. They allow you to block unrelated queries and to decrease your cost per conversion in a progressive way.

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