SEO Copywriting Tips: How To Write A Killer Home Page

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When you’re creating SEO copy, it’s important to write a great home page. But how do you do it so it satisfies two masters: the search engines and your target audience? Watch the video and learn what you should include on your home page…and what online writing tactics to avoid.


Conversion Optimization Foundations

This introductory video kicks off the Conversion Optimization portion of Market Motive’s Digital Marketing Foundations course.

In this intro video, conversion expert and author Bryan Eisenberg provides a taste of what you’ll learn in our Conversion Optimization Foundations course: building momentum, understanding customer personas, landing pages, copywriting, and much more.

Packed with almost 3 hours of video, a collection of downloadable workbooks, and progress quizzes and tests, this Conversion Optimization training is a great tutorial for beginners. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the basics of Conversion, and can begin to optimize your site right away!

And it’s just one part of the complete Digital Marketing Foundations course.


to learn about our Conversion Optimization Foundations course, and the entire collection of Digital Marketing Foundations mini-courses.

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The Digital Marketing Foundations course is made up of eight mini-courses, providing learners with core concepts, context, and vocabulary. It covers PPC, SEO, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Email Marketing.

The course is the required starting point for many of our agency and enterprise groups.

It’s also the perfect primer for managers, marketers, and business owners who need a sound understanding of a variety of disciplines.


Your instructor, conversion master Bryan Eisenberg, is the best-selling author of “Call to Action”, “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?” and “Always Be Testing”. His expertise is sought by Fortune corporations around the world to help them convert millions of visitors into satisfied customers. Are you ready to learn from him?


Conversion Optimisation With Predictive Heatmaps

uses in a predictive heatmap session by David Iwanow & Dan Petrovic.


SEO Copywriting Tips – How To Write A Top-converting About Us Page

We’ve talked before about how to write a great ecommerce product page ( as well as a top-converting services page ( and home page ( This Webinar discusses your about us page, and why it’s so important.

For the full transcript of the video, go to the SEO blog:

The About Us page provides you a great opportunity to help your target audience get to “know” your company in a more personal (and powerful way.) You’ll learn how one company’s conversion rates increased simply by changing their About Us page copy.

Learn more about Web copy and direct response writing tips at


Copywriting Secrets To Build Lists And Make Easy Money Online

Copywriting is a vital skill for getting business online. Discover the copywriting secrets to make easy money online even though you’re not an internet marketer!

What is copywriting? It is written text used in marketing your business to help you generate leads and sell your products and services to customers. Learning how to copywrite will transform your local business marketing by helping you to get business online.

The copywriting training you’ll get here will help you to write great sales copy in all your web marketing. Watch this video particularly if you want to get your business online, you are a new entrepreneur or you have a small business startup. You may have a home based business that needs great copy to make money from the internet. Copywriting for the web is a core skill for all small business online marketing. This video has essential content on how to be a copywriter packed into just a few minutes!

If you can master web copywriting as an internet marketing skill you have a great opportunity to make money on the web. Great website copywriting is essential to get your squeeze page, landing pages and sales letters to convert to sales. The success of every sales letter, lead capture page and landing page depends on how compelling you can make your headlines, benefits and product offers.

You need, however, to be a marketing copywriter rather than just a web copywriter concerned with landing page optimization. Email copywriting is also vital for your local online business success.

As well as copywriting how to advice you can learn to adapt your own copy from sales letter templates which have been proven to make money online. As you get more skilled in writing copy you may rely less on squeeze page templates etc. and become a copywriter yourself.

Copy writing scripts can be effective when delivered through a video sales letter which leverages the success of video marketing.

To become a better copywriter this very short copywriting course is designed to help you capture leads and make sales online. More specifically you get copywriting tips on:

– Copy that sells through attention grabbing
– Best copywriting based on customer surveys and online marketing research
– Selling benefits in your product offers and when writing ad copy
– Including social proof in your product offerings
– The essential ingredient in all marketing copy!

If you practice what you learn, your business copywriting will take off and you may surprise yourself by writing ad copy that converts!

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To recap, you will get tips on copywriting that will help you when advertising your business. Combine this with a proven online marketing strategy and make a great passive income. Writing copy that converts is essential when growing a small business. This video offers proven online copywriting tips for getting more business online. Discover how to copywrite so that you can build your list and sell products online as a successful web marketer.


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