Website Conversion Optimization: 3 Things You’re Doing Wrong

Are you making one of these 3 mistakes with your website conversion optimization? In this video, I discuss 3 common mistakes people make that cost precious time and money when they’re wanting to launch a successful website, ad campaign, email marketing strategy, etc.

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Tom Breeze Grills AJ Silvers About Conversion Optimisation

More traffic is often the 1 thing you don’t want.
Start with increasing your conversion rates as then you’ll be able to send the hard earned or paid for traffic to a page where you efforts will not be wasted. Then ramp up the traffic!
AJ Silvers (a conversion optimisation genius) is going to be interviewed by Tom Breeze at 10am GMT (London, UK) on 14th March 2014. Make sure you tune in!


Ted Nicholas’ 27 Favorite Headline Words Copywriting Tips

Can a longer headline consisting of two lines of text give you better response than a short headline? The world of words is an amazing one when you get to know it and understand it.

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Words make a huge impact on the results of your digital marketing and direct marketing activities. It is worth studying which words are most effective, even if you are not a copywriter.


Featuring Brilliant Web Optimisation – Learn How Increased Sales By 28%

When you offer more than 550 magazines from over 140 publishers, easy navigation is the key for sliding visitors swiftly down the conversion funnel. While managing to drive traffic to the site through advertising, wanted to do a better job boosting homepage conversion rates.

A team of Jellyfish experts leveraging ClickTale’s powerful in-page optimisation platform has set-out to create better homepage user experience and drive conversion rate up. The result — a 28% boost in subscriptions sales.

Hear how in-page analytics can generate powerful insights that drive revenue and conversion. Learn directly from Jellyfish’s and ClickTale’s experts about the steps taken to achieve success including:

Surprising insights derived from the homepage’s heat map
Driving engagement with product placements
Increasing shopper’s confidence and authority
Improving navigational bar for higher conversion rate


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