[Copywriting Tips] 5 Top ‘Tips For Copywriting’ Novices

5 Top ‘Tips For Copywriting’ Novices” upload_time=”2011-04-05T14:02:49.000Z” description=” Copywriting is something anybody can learn. So let’s debunk the myth that writing good sales copy is ‘hard’ and learn 5 top ‘tips for copywriting’ that will” duration=”PT3M43S”]
Copywriting is something anybody can learn. So let’s debunk the myth that writing good sales copy is ‘hard’ and learn 5 top “tips for copywriting” that will help you write great sales copy that creates instant rapport with your customers

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Improve Your Website Copywriting In 63 Seconds

Read the accompanying blog post at:

Enjoy higher conversion rates with these 3 simple website copywriting tips.

(I define “conversion rate” as the percentage of customers who come to your site and actually take some sort of action that you’ve created. That could be calling your company, or signing up for a newsletter, or an email course.)

Like Ellie describes in her video, let’s use a line you might see on most under-performing websites (hate to make up a percentage, but that has to be over 90% of them):

“Our company makes custom sail boats for our customers.”

How can we improve this drab, uninteresting statement? Let’s examine Ellie’s three website copywriting tips, and watch the transformation.

1. Talk TO your customer instead of about them.

That might sound like: “Our company will make a custom sail boat for you.”

It’s easy to forget that when someone is looking at your website, they are giving you a chance to talk to them. So, don’t waste that opportunity talking to someone else or about something else. Talk directly to that person sitting in the chair (or on their cell phone…hold on, hopefully they’re not sitting ON their cell phone. Oh, never mind.)

Use “you” and “me” and “we” when you talk. You know…just like in real life.

2. Leave the jargon behind. Imagine you’re chatting with your customer over a cup of coffee.

Example: “Hey, I know you’ve been wanting that dream sailboat for years. We will make it happen for you.”

Don’t treat your website copy as a one-sided conversation. Imagine that you’re actually talking and listening and answering and engaging with your customer. Cut out industry words. Cut out strange, long sentences. Just talk.

3. Ask for something.

Here’s my example. (I think what Ellie said in the video was even better. Definitely cuter.)

“You’ve wanted that dream sailboat for years. We will make it happen easier than you imagined. Drop in your email, and we’ll send our photo view book right over.”

I’m not sure why so many websites talk about stuff, and about people, and fail to simply ask the customer for something. You have to ask. Make it clear what your customer can and should do next, and then make it really easy for them to do it.

I won’t get off on the types of “asks” or why some work and others don’t. Not at this point.

For now, go take a look at your website and read it out loud. Does it sound like a conversation? If not, make it happen.

For extra credit, get someone else to read your site out loud and listen to them. Now what do you think about your website copy?


Conversion Optimization With Optimizely And Peep Laja Webinar

During this webinar Optimizely Solutions Partner and CRO expert, Peep Laja shares his 6 step framework for conversion optimization.

He shows that successful A/B tests depend on thorough preparation and research. He emphasized that you need a process for testing and lists of test ideas or copying other successful websites will not work. Everyone is optimizing to solve their problems and their problems are not the same as yours.

Follow the steps of Peep Laja’s framework and you will see the impact of your tests increase. Peep’s 6 step framework covers the following:

Technical analysis
Heuristic analysis
Digital analysis
Mouse tracking and form analytics
Qualitative surveys
User Testing

Understand the importance of building an optimization process and simple steps you can take to maximize online conversions and help turn clicks into customers.

Ready to start optimizing your website? Create your free account or login at

Also download our free testing toolkit which contains:
– Test Idea Worksheets
– Test Plan Templates
– Result Presentation Templates
And more!

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Memaksimalkan Konten Sales Letter | Copywriting Tips

Memaksimalkan konten sales letter anda dengan 3 tahap mudah. Konten sales letter yang salah akan menyebabkan pembaca yang sudah tertarik, tidak jadi membelinya.

Karena itu, anda perlu belajar bagaimana agar sales letter anda tak hanya menarik secara visual, tapi juga mampu membuat pembaca membeli produk yang anda tawarkan.

Di video ini, saya jelaskan 3 tahapan yang harus anda lalui dalam membangun sebuah sales letter. Silahkan simak ya 🙂


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