Are You A Boring Copywriter? Tips From Clayton Makepeace | Content Inbound Marketing.

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When you write a document that is destined to boost your business goals, you’ll need to stress BENEFITS, not features. Identify the underlying benefit that each feature of your product or service delivers, because that’s what will incite your potential customer to buy.

This video about Benefits & Features is inspired by Clayton Makepeace, widely regarded as the world’s “Highest-paid Copywriter” .

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What Is Conversion Rate Optimization | SEO Tutorial Part 1| What Is CRO | Learn SEO SEM | Edureka

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This video helps you to learn following topics :
1.What is CRO?
2.Why is Testing Important
4.Types of Optimization
5.How to Optimize
6.What to Optimize

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SEO Copywriting Tips – 3 Ways To Re-ignite Your Web Copy, Right Now

This week’s SEO copywriting tip features the first of Heather’s Q & A series from queries she fields most often. In this inaugural post, Heather addresses the specific ways to make your web copy fresh and relevant to your target audience, as well as content marketing opportunities to explore.

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Top Copywriting Tips | Marketing Tech Blog

A great infographic on the Marketing Tech Blog, recently, featured some great copywriting tips for you to try on your website. We go over a few of those tips (and stats!) plus more! Visit the Marketing Tech Blog for more:


Webinar E-Commerce Conversion Optimization From Entry To Checkout

Getting double-digit revenue lift from your conversion optimization efforts requires a thorough understanding of the dynamics behind a successful shopping experience and your conversion funnel. You need to optimize the entire experience for your shoppers, from landing to checkout pages. Knowing how can determine whether you see a 5% revenue lift or 20%.


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