Conversion Rate Optimisation: What We Learned From The Optimizely Roadshow 2014

The Optimizely Roadshow 2014 was held on thursday 6 March at the Westminster Impact Hub in London. It was an event dedicated to website and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and generating a testing culture within businesses.

Some of the Fresh Egg team attended the event – Fresh Egg is one of only six Optimizely Certified Partners in the UK.

This video features EMEA marketing manager at Optimizely, Jerry Rietveld, answering three all important questions:

1. What is the one key thing people should take away from the Optimizely Roadshow?
2. What is the biggest challenge facing the conversion optimisation industry at the moment?
3. Is a website ever fully optimised?

For more information about the event, including six key takeaways, visit the Fresh Egg blog.


Copywriting Tips – ‘How To Write KILLER Headlines’ With Nick James (

Copywriting Tips at: – Nick James is an internationally renowed copywriter. Here he is sharing some really powerful stratagies for writing killer headlines for your sales copy!


What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) In Digital Marketing?

In the video we explain why conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the most important element in Digital Marketing.

Fountain specialises in business-to-business lead generation online. With clients across the globe, our aim is to increase your profitability by bringing you warm, targeted leads through your website.

Because everything online can be tracked in detail, we will be able to tell you exactly how much each enquiry has cost you – and will compile a strategy that is flexible to your business needs while increasing your bottom line.


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Optimisation De Conversion Avec Paul Evans

Paul Evans fait le tour des principaux enjeux concernant l’optimisation de sites Web pour la conversion.
C’est à l’occasion du TeknSeo 2016 que j’ai profité de l’occasion pour lui poser quelques questions après son atelier sur les sujet.


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