MLM Network Marketing Copywriting Tips: Proven Copywriting Formula That Works

MLM Network Marketing Copywriting Tips: Proven Copywriting Formula

Today’s topic is selling copywriting. If you’re in network marketing and you’re on the Internet, you still need to put in diligent and correct advertising, and one of the ways to do that is to reach to experts who have done it before, who know what they’re talking about.
There’s a great gentleman named Dan Kennedy who wrote a book “The Ultimate Sales Letter” – if you have not got this book, you need to get it. That’s by Dan Kennedy, “The Ultimate Sales Letter”. It’s got so much content, I’ve gone through this book multiple times, and still learn something new every time I do it.
In his book, “the Ultimate Sales Letter”, Dan Kennedy explains one of this formulas in overcoming objectives: Problem – Agitation – Solution.
And the concept is very simple – when you write an ad, and you talk to your prospects, you try to convert those prospects into sales and./or part of your business, you’re trying to make sure that they “feel the pain” because as Dan says:”a lot of people will take action when the pain is greater than the gain”.
So, for example, the formula is: Problem – Agitation – Solution.
So #1, you need to create a problem in the mind of your prospect. And you’re writing this problem without any knowledge that they have a problem.
As a matter of fact, a good sales letter, or good sales copy, won’t assume anything – you’re simply identifying a problem…
For example, in network marketing, if you’re not doing videos (like this one), ah, you’re really not being effective, or you’re not being AS effective you could be in getting you’re message out, so in that case, there are many problems associated with videos:

The equipment – what do you use? The lighting – is it adequate?
Are you stumbling over your words? Do you feel comfortable in what you’re saying on a video? Do you make so many mistakes you have to start over again and again? Do you have enough titles, or enough key words in your title to make it effective? How about SEO, or are you putting the correct tags in there?
There are so many issues that you can do and identify with somebody about a video, that it would go something like this:
“Do you stumble over your words when you make a video?” Do you worry about the search engine optimization? Are the words in your title adequate to get your word out there? Is your equipment lousy? Do you “come across” terrible? Is your lighting adequate?
Words of these natures, where you’re identifying a problem that may or may not exist. Yeah, you want your prospect to go “Yeah, yeah, that’s me! I got that problem!”
So, the point is – point out the problem, #1.
Number 2 is agitation. You need to stir them up and make them a little bit uncomfortable.
For example, you may need to point out the fact that boy, if you’re not coming across as a professional and a leader, you’re really missing the boat. You need to agitate ’em.
Make sure that they understand that they’re is something out there that they’re missing the boat on – that they can do better. And you do that with very carefully chosen words – again – it’s how you say it that makes all the difference.
And the final step would be a solution. Of course, this is the key – it’s called CLOSING THE SALE.
What do you offer to your prospect to solve that problem that you agitated them about? Is that solution got value?
Does the value come from having to spend money up front?
It shouldn’t.
Or, does it have value that’s there for free that they can learn that you don’t just do this to “make a buck”. You do this to help them solve a problem.
So, if you’re writing copywriting ads, you need to offer value, and you can see this kind of value, for example, if you go to our website, (hyyp:// we offer free videos, we offer free blueprints for success, because we know that those particular pieces of information, once they’re completely understood by you, are the springboard into greater tools that we offer that there will be a price for.
And people will come to you and knock on your door – you won’t have to chase anybody. If you offer value up front, they’ll recognize that your a leader, and that you’re doing something for their business, and it’s going to be worth they’re effort and they’re time.
Click on some of the buttons or one of the buttons near this video – Bruce and Melody, help me, or contact me, or whatever it may be – come into our back office – Let us help you identify what your problem is. How can we do for you what we’re doing for ourselves – we’re training people to be successful at having a network marketing business on the Internet.
That’s it folks! We appreciate your time as always.
Remember, you can get everything in life you want, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.
Bruce & Melody Haines

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