John Carlton Copywriting Tips: Learn How To Write To Women

In this clip, John Carlton tells the best way to get into the female mind and figure out how to write to women.

By the way, women read a lot more than men do. So, when you’re going to a female audience, and this is important for everybody, unless you’re going to a strictly male audience. They are reading books where this is somewhat…imagine how this thing would appear on Cosmo, or Reader’s Digest, or Redbook, or how Oprah would pitch it, or Nancy Grace, with a special guest star or something.

In fact, pay attention to how those things are done. Not to make fun of them…to emulate them. Because that’s the way women are being talked to and responding to. And, I don’t know that Cosmo so much does the financial thing, though they do, but there are other financial magazines…I know there is one called Women’s Finances or something. Isn’t there a female version of Forbes out there, or something? Women in Business…I forget.

Anyway, point being that if they’re successful (make sure they’re successful, don’t copy stuff that’s not successful, of course) find out how to speak to women. That’s why I’m kind of surprised, but when you said you were re-writing something, that explains it. You didn’t feel confident to rip it down to its essentials and bring it back up, bringing back the things that you knew women would think.

But, this is the kind of thing, to mix metaphors, is where you go balls to the wall with everything you know about women. You just take everything you know. You use the unfair advantages you have either (a) as a person who understands what goes into salesmanship and copy, or (b) what you bring to that plus being a woman yourself.

My exercise for guys who have trouble writing to women is to go read a Danielle Steele novel and then buy every single magazine on the racks for women…Cosmo, Redbook, all of them. Go home, read everything, and then do it next month. And, the Danielle Steele stuff is the hardest, by the way.

I’ve never had a guy come back to me less than completely astonished at what he discovered by reading that stuff, especially the Harlequin Romance or the Danielle Steele stuff. By the way, the trick is you only need to read one Danielle Steele. She has 35 books out now, and they are all identical.

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