John Carlton Copywriting Tips: Headline Tip 2-The Money Shot

In this copywriting hotseat John Carlton shows how to hit the reader right between the eyes hit what he calls his passionate sweet spot.

When you are doing your sales detection work, think in terms of the money shot. I talk about this a lot. The Money Shot is where the reader sits back and thinks.. “Oh, my God”. The money shot is designed to hit the reader right between the eyes; hit what I call his passionate sweet spot. That little area that will just set off alarms in his body, so he absolutely has to have what you have.

You may never find that money shot, but learn to spot it. When you do, then wonderful things happen. The classic money shot that I talk about is the “one-legged golfer”, for example. That took an hour or an hour and a half of talking to this guy. He wasn’t going to tell me the story. At the end of the conversation he just happened to throw it out. He didn’t think it was very interesting, but my inner salesmen just went “Wow, that’s it. That’s the money shot.”

From that, in golf, I have used similar things, like “The Amazing Secrets of a Skinny Young Kid from Visalia, Who Accidentally Learned How to Hit 400 Yard Drives”, the idea being that the positioning is different. The money shot for me was that this was not what the golfer expected to hear, yet, it was right in his passionate sweet spot. I learned very quickly that most golfers are not sleek young guys with everything functioning well. They are arthritic, they are old, they have never had a good game in their lives. A lot of things are going wrong. They have a permanent hook. If you talk to them, they will listen. Almost no one else was talking to them at that time.

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