#InvespCro Episode 1: Do Not Confuse Split Testing With Conversion Rate Optimization

We will talk about the difference between conversion optimization and AB or MVT testing.
Over the last 10 years, I have seen many marketers confuse the two. Sure, these marketers are looking for ways to increase their website or landing page conversion rate. They want more sales. So, they jump into testing; they succeed in few tests, and fail in others. Few months later, they get frustrated and give up on increasing conversions rates.

If you are looking to achieve sustainable, repeatable and consistent increases in your conversion rates, you must understand the difference between CRO and split testing. A good conversion optimization program has 9 different steps in it. Yes, 9 steps and only one of them is AB or MVT testing.

There are no short cuts here.
Listen, if it were easy to do split testing and increase your conversion rates, then most websites will convert 15 or 20% of their visitors into customers. But the truth is that most websites only convert 2-5% of their visitors into customers.

Let’s run you through the different steps of a successful conversion optimization program. We will talk about these steps in our other videos. And by the way, make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel right now so you watch the new videos as they released.

Here are the 9 steps:

1. Analyse and segment your target market
2. Preform a competitive landscape analysis
3. Define and implement a compelling value proposition
4. Determine leaky areas of your website
5. Create a conversion roadmap that communicates your CRO plans and strategy
6. Implement the roadmap plan by determining possible problem areas in the different sections of your website
7. Use a hypothesis to create new designs
8. Conduct split testing where you test new designs against existing designs. This is where AB and MVT come into play.
9. Analyse results: look for insights from your testing data.
As you see, conversion optimization is a much more comprehensive process that a single step in it. You might be thinking to yourself, this requires a lot of work. I do not have the resources to implement all of this. That is the reason, you should follow these videos. I will share many cro strategies and techniques with you. So, subscribe to the channel and until next time happy testing.
The Invesp Team

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