In The Lead #6: Why Real Estate Copywriting Is Broken! And 3 Simple Tips To Win More Leads

In this video we’l be discussing why real estate copywriting is broken! And the 3 Simple Tips that will allow you to convert more of your leads into paying clients.

Are you struggling with what to say to leads?

You’re probably trying to answer the wrong questions then. So before anything else lets look at how lead conversion sometimes goes wrong when agents get too worried about copywriting.

First you need to understand that you’re lucky if leads even know you’re about to call them. This presents a pretty big challenge for agents looking to get started without huge referral networks. The following tips are all things I’ve found very useful when following up with any type of lead.

1. Execute On The Basics

When it comes to lead conversion, you must be following up to have any type of chance of converting that lead. This requires basic outreach to the lead via multiple channels.

2. Have A Concrete Plan

You need to write down a followup schedule for every lead. And stick too it. I can’t stress consistency enough here, many agents come up with a good plan then throw it out the window the moment they start getting leads with it. Have a plan and stick to it!

3. Why Should They Talk With You?

The answer to this question should inevitably be that you’ve helped them and already given them more value for free before you start to reach out. You leads are not going to ever convert nearly as well if you aren’t priming them first.

In the link below you’ll be directed to our full blog post! Theres more useful information on there for you. As well as some graphics with clear walk throughs. Feel free to ask any questions you may have below!

Thanks Guys!

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