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What would happen… if social media shut down tomorrow?

What if Zuckerberg just decided to pull the plug on Facebook?!

How would you reach your audience?

Lets face it, we rely A LOT on social media to connect and advertise with our people… but with algorithms and over-saturation of posts in general, we have little control over what our audience actually sees.

If we have them on an email list, we own that list and know that our email will land in their inbox.

That’s only step one. The next step is getting them to open that email, and actually be interested in what we have to say.

So how do we do that?

A well crafted email can go a long way in building and keeping your audience on the ropes.

In today’s video I have a step by step strategy to writing compelling emails that will make people take notice!

BONUS: today’s video has an amazing Email Marketing Planner you’ll LOVE! Use this spreadsheet to craft, organize, schedule, and measure the performance of your email campaigns, newsletters, and subscribers!

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