Copywriting Tips:John Carlton – Get Your Prospect’s Attention

Revenue is 0,000 to million a year over three years in business.

Ok. Since this is not a marketing seminar I am not going to question why he did those parameters. Let’s just take that as a given. OK?

Then, what you want to do is the equivalent of “hey bowlers” (if you were going to bowlers). OK? So, you’d say something along the lines of…

That would not be bad, but that attention thing is getting kind of worn, and you have to be careful of worn things like that. But, you may start out with, and later take it out…yes, attention small business owners. If you’ve been in business for more than 3 years, making 20 mil, and you have less than 5 employees (dot dot dot). Then you get into the headline.
This free report will reveal…now let me get into this. So, what we’ve done, if we do that, you want to identify your audience. And I keep going back to the “hey bowlers” thing because it is just the easiest thing in the world. I’ve seen ads where you’ve got to read down to the second page before you even understand who they’re going after.

Don’t do that. This guy hasn’t got time. He’s ready to bolt at the first moment. You want to identify your audience. Even if…now the only way you would not do that is if, say, you’re in a golf magazine and everybody reading it you know is a golfer, then maybe you can get by without it. But, many times I still do it.

What I do is I sub-identify. So, if I know that everybody that’s going to be looking at this ad is a golfer, then I subcategorize it…”Hey, would you like to drop 27 strokes on your next round?” I’ve just identified who I’m after. OK?

If it was in a general magazine, I’d say “Attention, golfers…how’d you like to drop 27 strokes on your next round? Without practice, without getting in shape, etc, etc,”

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