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DataEDGE 2014:

Using Practical Data for Conversion Rate Optimization
Kyle Rush, Optimizely

Kyle Rush will talk about putting quantitative and qualitative data to action through experimentation, to increase conversion rates and substantially impact the bottom line of a business. This talk draws on Kyle’s experience at Obama for America (2012) and at Optimizely.

Using Data Science to Make Fun Games
Kenneth Yu, Kabam

With more comprehensive uses of data science in the video games industry, companies are able to provide a better, more engaging and personalized experience for customers. Games are inherently complex – they are essentially virtual worlds where people can interact with each other. Every design has a direct intention and consequence. Because virtual worlds are so complex, the better we get at understanding these relationships with the use of data science, the more we are able to grow our business. Case studies will be shared to illustrate how Kabam utilizes data science and applies it to understanding its portfolio of games and millions of customers.

Leading from the Back: Data Science at a UX-driven Business
John Foreman, MailChimp

MailChimp sends 8 billion email newsletters for over 5 million customers each month, and from those sends comes a mountain of clicks, opens, purchases, and other transactional data. But MailChimp’s success wasn’t built on data. It was built on a user experience that placed an intuitive and friendly interface on email marketing and removed much of the busy work. So how does a company whose business is not data, use its massive data set? Too often the examples of data science are given by companies whose business is data, like Google and Facebook. John Foreman, author of Data Smart and chief scientist for MailChimp, will discuss what it means to “lead from the back” in data science, even if that sometimes means breaking out a spreadsheet in favor of Hadoop from time to time.

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