Conversion Optimization With Optimizely And Peep Laja Webinar

During this webinar Optimizely Solutions Partner and CRO expert, Peep Laja shares his 6 step framework for conversion optimization.

He shows that successful A/B tests depend on thorough preparation and research. He emphasized that you need a process for testing and lists of test ideas or copying other successful websites will not work. Everyone is optimizing to solve their problems and their problems are not the same as yours.

Follow the steps of Peep Laja’s framework and you will see the impact of your tests increase. Peep’s 6 step framework covers the following:

Technical analysis
Heuristic analysis
Digital analysis
Mouse tracking and form analytics
Qualitative surveys
User Testing

Understand the importance of building an optimization process and simple steps you can take to maximize online conversions and help turn clicks into customers.

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