Continuous Website Improvement Thru Conversion Optimization – With Keith Hagen

Optimizing your website for maximum conversions is not a quick process, says conversion expert Keith Hagen in this video interview. He suggests you start with the ‘low hanging fruit,’ areas where you can make a big difference fast, then move to the more difficult areas.

One approach is to develop personas that can guide your site development — caricatures of various types of customer personalities that you’re writing to convince.

Lots of improvements can often be made with shopping carts and the checkout process, as well as online forms.

To continue optimization, you can create custom paths or streams that produce a particular user experience. When you can get a user to self-identify, then you can send the user on a stream that suits his industry or needs. This kind of behavioral segmentation or targeting is the final step.

Your competitors are constantly improving, says, Hagen, so you must too.

Keith Hagen is the co-founder of ConversionIQ, a website and e-commerce optimization company. This interview was recorded at the SES Conference in Chicago on November 15, 2012.

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