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6 Copywriting Tips For Beginners

Do you wanna learn copywriting?
In this episode, we’re going to talk about really 6 copywriting tips that you can use if you’re a beginner, you’re wanting to learn copywriting.

In this video:
00:11 6 Copywriting Tips For Beginners
00:27 Tip #1: Write Lots Of Headlines
01:33 Tip #2: Understand Your Reader And Understand Your Audience
02:08 Tip #3: Make Specific Claims
02:59 Tip #4: Use Proof And Use Evidence In Your Copy
03:49 Tip #5: Tell Your Readers Where To Go!
04:22 Tip #6: Add Scarcity / Urgency In Your Copy

Inside my channel I have loads of free videos and resources that would teach you how to be a successful copywriter
If you’ve ever want to be a copywriter but you have little or no experience. If you’d like to know how to create your own portfolio that’s gonna wow your clients and if you want to know how to attract your first few paying copywriting clients then you’ll going to love my YouTube Channel Start Copywriting.

New episode every Tuesday, hosted by Jesse Forrest.

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