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SEO Copywriting Tips: How To Create Benefit Statements

Wondering how to transform features into benefits? Read the full post at SEO Copywriting:


John Carlton Copywriting Tips: Using Quotes In Headlines

John Carlton’s hot seat is for Brian, who wrote a sales letter for the launch of an online product. Here, they discuss using quotation marks in headlines.

John: Did you pick that up for me, or from Nicholas?

Brian: I just read it somewhere.

John: We’ve known this for a while and we have no idea why, but quotes have increased headlines… David, are you using quotes on your magalogs and headlines?

David Deutsch: Sometimes. I don’t know if I would use it there, because it’s not like a statement. It’s a question, and I’m not sure about it being in quotes.

John: Yeah, I’ve never really cared whether it was a statement or question, but I just started throwing in quotes randomly. I didn’t test it, but it didn’t hurt, so it’s just interesting. Do you have any feedback? Nobody’s tested this.

David Garfinkel: Yeah, I heard Nicholas being interviewed once. He said he had an 8% increase.

John: but that’s Ted.

David Garfinkel: Yes that’s Ted. My theory is, when it doesn’t have quotes around it, nobody said it. It’s just type on a page. When there are quotes around it, somebody said it, so it must be important.

John: It’s a sneaky little thing. It’s like “as seen on TV”, or “it has to be true, I read it in the newspaper.”

David Garfinkel: Yes, somebody said it. It must be true. And, it’s in writing.

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Copywriting Advertising Tips: The Importance Of Adding Contrasting To Your Advertising & Marketing

Does your advertising & marketing copy frame the buying experience for your customers?

With this copywriting advertising tip, I discuss the importance of adding contrasting to your advertising & marketing advertising copy. Today’s quote is from Garr Reynolds and his book, Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery.

“We are all wired to notice differences. We are not conscious of it, but we are scanning and looking for similarities and differences all the time. Contrast is what we notice, and it’s what gives a design its energy. So you should make elements that are not the same clearly different, not just slightly different. Designs with strong contrast attract interest, and help the viewer make sense of the visual. Weak contrast is not only boring, but it can be confusing.” — Garr Reynolds

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Power Creative Copywriting – 10 Tips For Ads

-Power creative copywriting with these 10 tips for ads. If you’d like to pull in more sales and more profits with every web marketing piece you create, check out this powerful promise from Bob Serling, the leading expert on high-profit marketing. Click here for more info about Power copywriting for the internet.


John Carlton Copywriting Tips: How To Do Effective Research

In this copywriting hotseat John Carlton shows how to dig down and get the real story on why a product is selling. Not the company line.

It is easier to understand this when you are writing for other people, but also applies when you are writing for yourself. In the detective work you do, you must get past the “company line”. As a freelancer, I know that the company line is the guy that owns the business. He is so in love with it that he will say “this thing does this, this and this, and this is why people buy it”. Almost 100% of the time he will be 180 degrees dead wrong. He will not know why people buy it. He knows why he would buy it, why he got into it. That is what I call the “company line”. For you and your product…you have been eating the company line for a while, and you are in love with this product.

When I work with a client, I want to talk to the receptionist, I want to talk to the “feet in the streets” salesmen, I want to talk to the guy who invented it, I want to get the gossip, the rumors. I know that a lot of the time, the people who have to sell the thing will say: “Yeah, I know that Bob keeps saying it does this, but we never sell it that way. We sell it by telling people it will do this.” You need something completely different. That’s what I want to find, and that’s what you want to find, too. Sometimes you have to get out of your head, you have to get into other people’s about what is going on. You have to strip it down…get your ego out of it…and find out what really is happening. Why people are really buying this stuff, what is really going on.

That is the key to doing the research you need to find out the real reason people are buying the product, and will help you develop your hook.

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