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Copywriting Tips: How To Tell A Story

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Copywriting Tips – MOOC – Salford Business School (9/12)

Enrol on free Search and Social Media Marketing for international business Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Please watch this video to the end before attempting the activities. When you are watching the video for the second time and reach an activity (see below a list of these with recommended links) pause the video, complete the activity and then press play again, proceeding to the next activity:

Activity 1. – Visit this web page:

Can you see how the four elements of AIDA have been used here?

For example:
Attention: starting the post with a question
Information: several headings of the page are dedicated to the details of the main points being highlighted
Desire: highlighting the qualities of the research and its unique insights
Action: the reader is prompted to read the full article and download it from an open repository

Activity 2. – Draft a blog post about your Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business course. Start with the following four headings:


Consider how you can complete these four headings with your message. Once you have drafted your message you can delete these four headings.

Publish your blog post and share a link to it using #SSMMUoS on Twitter. Read what others have said and comment on their blog posts.

Watch the “Copywriting tips – MOOC” video and more in “Search and Social Media Marketing for international business” playlist:

This video from Salford Business School shows how to perform on your SEO strategy by covering the following topics:
– What it is and why it is important?
– Integration with SEO
– Thinking about your audience and style
– Content strategy
– The drafting process

This video is part of the Search and Social Media Marketing for international business MOOC, a course that provides an introduction to Social Media Networks for marketing business. You will benefit by having the opportunity of developing a better informed online presence for your career or your business.

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These videos are informed by research undertaken as part of an international business culture project which examined social media use across 31 European countries and include views from the following UK based industry experts:

Alex Fenton – EDinteractive (
Alex McCann – Altrincham HQ (
Anjlee Bhatt — smespresso (
Briony Gunson & Tom Parnell – Manning Gottlieb OMD (
Colin Telford – The Candidate (
James Crawford – PR Agency One (
Joana Ferreira — Fast Web Media (
Katrina Gallagher — Digitangle (
Martin Williams — (
Nina Mack – Worship Digital (
Rebecca Rae – Photolink Creative Group (
Sean Randles – Web Video Marketing Ltd (
Simon Wharton — PushON (
Steve Kuncewicz — Bermans (
Tony Brown – UK Trade & Investment (

This project was developed by team members:
Aleksej Heinze
Luis Santos
Maria Camila Villa
Rebecca Lee
Vanessa Van Huynh


SEO Copywriting Tips For Google’s Penguin Update

Don’t be afraid of Google’s Penguin update! If you’re writing online, here’s what to do. Go to the SEO Copywriting blog at to view the full video post!

Yes, Google is at it again with yet another update named after a black-and-white animal: the Penguin. And like the Panda update before it ( this has site owners scared.

Not to worry! Tune in as Heather discusses SEO content strategy for successfully dealing with the Penguin update – and tips to improve your site’s performance with new content opportunities.

In the end, well written content will prevail, no matter the update Google throws out there.

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Look forward to hearing from you!


Persuasive Online Copywriting Tips

Are you writing customer-focused copy?

In this Monday Morning Marketing Quote, we discuss — persuasive online copywriting tips — the single biggest improvement you can make to your website. Our quote comes from Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg and Lisa T. Davis and their book, Persuasive Online Copywriting: How to Take Your Words to the Bank.

“Are you talking about all the wonderful ways your visitors can benefit from your products or services, or are you talking about all the great features of your products, services or company? In other words, are you speaking the language of “you,” or are you caught up in the language of “we”? The words you use and how you use them tell your visitors where your focus is. Want them to stick around and eventually take the action you want? Then talk about them, their needs, their wants, and how they can get those needs and wants satisfied. Use customer-focused language.” — Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg and Lisa T. Davis

For more persuasive copywriting tips, please visit:


Copywriting-tips Van Dichter Ingmar Heytze – Interview Door Aartjan Van Erkel

Ingmar Heytze is mijn favoriete dichter. Als ik begin te lezen, kan ik niet meer stoppen. Welke copywriting-tips kunnen we van hem leren?

Ingmar leest een prachtig gedicht voor uit zijn nieuwe bundel, die is uitgekomen in februari 2015. De bundel gaat over het vaderschap, en het gedicht heet: Eerste echo.

De eerste zin van je gedichten maakt vaak nieuwsgierig. Hoe doe je dat, nieuwsgierig maken?

Probeer je die nieuwsgierigmakende zinnetjes eerst uit op anderen?

Als je een opdracht krijgt voor het schrijven van een gedicht, wat vragen ze dan van je?

Je zei in een interview: “Dichten is het zo geconcentreerd mogelijk op papier zetten van zo min mogelijk woorden die samen zoveel mogelijk zeggen.” Geldt dat niet voor alle goede teksten?

Als je een tekst schrijft waarmee je wilt overtuigen, geldt dan volgens jou ook dat je zo min mogelijk woorden moet gebruiken die zoveel mogelijk zeggen?

Jij werkt in je gedichten ook vaak met emotie. Ze zijn aandoenlijk, of kwetsbaar of grappig. Hoe doe je dat, emotie oproepen?

Heb jij ook weleens als copywriter gewerkt?

Je hebt een keer gezegd: “Schrijven is stelen van dieven”. Hoezo?

Wat is jouw truc? Wat maakt je stijl als dichter zo herkenbaar?

Over creativiteit en inspiratie wordt vaak geheimzinnig gedaan, terwijl het volgens mij heel ambachtelijk kan zijn. Daarom viel me dit op wat je zei: “Als dichter krijg je geen inspiratie, maar je krijgt bericht van een virusachtig programmaatje dat in je hoofd altijd meedraait.”

Wat moet een mens doen om een betere schrijver te worden?


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