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Copywriting Tips And Facebook Ads Breakdown (How To Improve Your Ads And Get More Clicks)

I quickly breakdown 3 Facebook Ads that simply needed a few “tweaks” to take them from cold, boring, and mechanical, to ATTENTION GRABBING and actually make you want to click. (Imagine that!)

I’ll show you how, with just a mindset shift, we can take your ads from underperforming to profitable.

Having a great copywriter on your team can literally make or break your marketing campaign.

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SEO Copywriting Tips- How To Turn A Boring FAQ Page Into A Conversions Star

This week’s hot SEO copywriting tip on making your web pages work for you is about how to write a sales-driving FAQ page. Following up on previous webinars starting with the home page ( then ecommerce page ( services page ( and about us page ( this how-to on writing a killer FAQ page rounds out the series on creating a kick-butt, optimized website!

Read all about it via the latest and greatest post at the SEO blog:

The poor FAQ page is often ignored, with its potential for both search engine and conversions optimization neglected. Learn how to leverage this often-overlooked yet fantastic SEO/conversions opportunity!

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Copywriting Tips – ‘7 Easy Steps To Writing Compelling Copy’ With Nick James

Nick James Copywriting Tips – Helping Coaches, Trainers, and Internet Marketers to make more money from their sales websites.


SEO Copywriting Tips: How To Write A Killer Home Page

Wondering how to write a fantastic home page? Read the full post at

When you’re creating SEO copy, it’s important to write a great home page. But how do you do it so it satisfies two masters: the search engines and your target audience? Watch the video and learn what you should include on your home page…and what online writing tactics to avoid.


SEO Copywriting Tips – How To Write A Top-converting About Us Page

We’ve talked before about how to write a great ecommerce product page ( as well as a top-converting services page ( and home page ( This Webinar discusses your about us page, and why it’s so important.

For the full transcript of the video, go to the SEO blog:

The About Us page provides you a great opportunity to help your target audience get to “know” your company in a more personal (and powerful way.) You’ll learn how one company’s conversion rates increased simply by changing their About Us page copy.

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