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SEO Copywriting Tips: SEO Copy Editing How-to

Learn how to drive more Web traffic with this video on how to leverage your existing content. SEO copy editing (otherwise known as keyphrase editing) is a great way to gain great rankings without having to rewrite the page.

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Good copy could be the difference between winning and losing with Facebook ads. Make sure you spend some time creating great copy.

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Nick James – Copywriting Tips – Packages And Upsells (filmed On Honeymoon Outside Tiffany’s!)

Nick James explains the power of creating high-value packages and using upsells to maximise the effectiveness of your sales letters.


John Carlton Copywriting Tips: Find Your Niche

John Carlton puts a financial consultant on the hot seat and helps him define the niche for a new ebook.

Transcript of the video: You ‘re not going to be the uber-financial guy, and that’s not a good thing to be. What that guy’s name Cramer? Ramsey? Dave Ramsey. I was going to mention Suze Orman. She is someone to think about, because she sticks very closely to her niche. I don’t suggest that you go into her niche, because she is more into a very financial/emotional niche. I think the most popular segment of her show is “Should I buy or should I not?”. She gives essentially “yes or no” answers and then either berates them or complements them…. usually berates them. But she knows where her wheelhouse is.
You have 1500 customers that you either know something about or know nothing about. In order to find out what those guys are, don’t do it intuitively, don’t guess, though not someone else about it, go back to them and find out why they bought and what’s going on. You do this in many different ways. You can e-mail them… Say “what’s going on how’re you doing and, by the way…” And start a conversation.

If you want to get into this as the “renegade financial planner” and start blogging, you have to check out the competition, because you will not be the only one in that niche. There’s a lot of them out there, because financial planners are hurting, and him, too… There are no more finances to plan.

So you have to get out there and see what’s going on. You may find there are five guys already calling themselves the renegade financial planner. So you have to find out what your niche is. Don’t think about how you can dominate the niche…think about how you can position yourself to either dominate the niche or find your place within the niche. If you find there are 50 guys calling themselves the renegade financial planner, then just check it off your list and say “that was a nice idea but that’s not what I’m going to do”.

When you start doing that, you’ll find out that all these other ideas start popping into your mind. You can start looking around at the competition see what they are doing that is successful. If you find someone who’s been in the niche for a while you can start buying their stuff to see what they do after the sale. You can call our office too, and when someone answers just ask them how their ad on the web is doing. You’ll be astonished at how many times they’ll just give away the store. They’ll tell you everything… “Oh yeah, it did real well”, or “it’s not doing real well”, things like that.

So, do your research. It will become clearer and clearer to you how you must position yourself to be, if not the main go to guy, one of the go to guys; to find your place in that niche. And then, all the stuff were telling you about regarding the blog will naturally be the next step…

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