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John Carlton Copywriting Tips: How To Do Effective Research

In this copywriting hotseat John Carlton shows how to dig down and get the real story on why a product is selling. Not the company line.

It is easier to understand this when you are writing for other people, but also applies when you are writing for yourself. In the detective work you do, you must get past the “company line”. As a freelancer, I know that the company line is the guy that owns the business. He is so in love with it that he will say “this thing does this, this and this, and this is why people buy it”. Almost 100% of the time he will be 180 degrees dead wrong. He will not know why people buy it. He knows why he would buy it, why he got into it. That is what I call the “company line”. For you and your product…you have been eating the company line for a while, and you are in love with this product.

When I work with a client, I want to talk to the receptionist, I want to talk to the “feet in the streets” salesmen, I want to talk to the guy who invented it, I want to get the gossip, the rumors. I know that a lot of the time, the people who have to sell the thing will say: “Yeah, I know that Bob keeps saying it does this, but we never sell it that way. We sell it by telling people it will do this.” You need something completely different. That’s what I want to find, and that’s what you want to find, too. Sometimes you have to get out of your head, you have to get into other people’s about what is going on. You have to strip it down…get your ego out of it…and find out what really is happening. Why people are really buying this stuff, what is really going on.

That is the key to doing the research you need to find out the real reason people are buying the product, and will help you develop your hook.

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Copywriting Tips Voor Websites Met Aartjan Van Erkel Van De Bestseller ‘Verleiden Op Internet’

Aartjan van Erkel is een specialist als het gaat om copywriting voor het web. In dit interview met Maarten van der Zanden en Aartjan van Erkel deelt Aartjan een aantal waardevolle copywriting tips.

Aartjan van Erkel is een van de sprekers op de Internet Marketing Summit 2015 op 25, 26 & 27 november 2015. Wil jij Aartjan live zien? Check


Copywriting Tips | The Copywriting Formula

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Effective Copywriting – Simple Tips From Nick James

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Getting your marketing emails opened is getting increasingly hard — that’s if they don’t go into your prospects spam folder in the first place.
In this interview, master copywriter Nick James shares invaluable tips on how to get your emails open, read and acted upon.

This video is part of my daily series of hints and tips designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners be more successful.

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Legal Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are my own and should not be taken as warranted business advice. Should you choose to act upon tips or advice shared, you do so entirely at your own risk.

Copyright (C) Pete Bennett – 2013. All rights reserved.

Video Transcript:

The shocking bad news why nine out of ten emails are deleted before they’re even opened. Seven surefire ways of making a million dollars with no money and zero risk. Buy now! Offer expires at midnight. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Those are email subject lines which I made up on the spot but they’re not much different to the thousands, perhaps, that I get into my various email accounts everyday or every week and delete without even opening. And that’s the problem, that’s the problem with email marketing. It’s an amazing medium if you use it properly but you have to get the emails opened before they can start selling for you.

So, how do you do that? Well, you become an expert copywriting, don’t you? Just like that. Only takes 15 or 20 years. I’m joking, it doesn’t take that long. You may have a flair for copywriting already, you may enjoy it. You may loathe it and want to outsource it but you need to understand how it works otherwise your emails won’t be opened so it doesn’t matter if you have an objet d’art contained within if it’s in the trashcan.

So, what do I do when I need some help with copywriting? Well, I turn to my friend, Nick James, expert copywriting and I typically write my copy myself because I like doing it but I’ll sometimes ask Nick just to have a quick look over it and see if it sucks and sometimes it does.

So I interviewed Nick and asked Nick to share with us some tips on how to write great emails and, most importantly, how to get them opened because that’s the first step. The subject line is really, really important and I’ve just explained a couple that really suck but Nick’s going to give us some tips on how to do it properly.

So have a listen to this interview and let me know what you think because I think the man’s a master.

Well, hi, this is Pete and today I have Nick James on the line. Now, Nick is a copywriting expert and I’ve learned an awful lot of stuff about copy from Nick. If you want to check him out on his website it’s But today he’s going to share some tips on how to make your emails effective and not just the marketing emails in the traditional sense but emails that you send out with important messages that you want your customers to read. So, in a way, if you’re listening to this interview now, you will have opened an email that has invited to watch this or listen to this and, therefore, you realize just how important it is to get those emails opened so that you can get your message across.

So, without further adieu, let me introduce Nick. Are you there?

I am, yeah. Hi, Pete.

Hi. Well, I know we spoke before about some of the tips that we share with people. So do you just want to try and keep it reasonably succinct, we’ve got about 10 minutes and give people some interesting tips, useful tips.


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