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Copywriting Tips For Beginners To Grab Attention And Increase The Selling Power Of Your Copy

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Copywriting Tips For Beginners To Grab Attention And Increase The Selling Power Of Your Copy…

Effective copywriting is an essential skill that every Internet Marketer you should learn.

Writing effective copy plays a MASSIVE role in every aspect of your marketing and sales funnel; attention grabbing blog post titles, sales pages, lead capture pages, email subject lines and calls to action etc.

copywriting tips for beginnersCopywriting is a skill that every marketer cannot afford not to understand. At least to a certain level.

Professional copywriting is a highly lucrative career path for many who commit their time to mastering this skill.

All the top companies KNOW how essential having good sales copy is to the success of their marketing campaigns.

While it could take years to fully master the broad topic of copywriting, you needn’t let this bog you down…

There are a few basic rules and copywriting tips for beginners for you to learn and apply that will dramatically boost the effectiveness of your copywriting, thus increasing the overall performance of your marketing in general…

Let’s take a look at some of these copywriting tips for beginners today…

10 MAGIC Words To Attract Attention…
1. FREE – ‘Free eBook details the secrets to generating your first dollar online’

2. YOU / YOUR — ‘Are YOU struggling to find leads online?’

3. ANNOUNCING – ‘Announcing the launch of product X’

4. INTRODUCING — ‘Introducing a revolutionary new system that will help you produce results in your business’

5. SECRET – ‘The secret to success is not as difficult as some would like you to believe’

6. NEW — ‘This new system has proven to create multiple person downlines’

7. HOW TO — ‘How to create copy that will create an endless stream of prospects into your business’

8. GUARANTEED — ‘This course is guaranteed to produce results in your business or your money back’

9. MAGICAL — ‘This simple, yet almost magical trick has resulted in 322 leads in a single day!”

10. EASY — ‘Follow these easy directions and you’ll be amazed at the results’

how to do copywriting

Words and Phrases To Increase The Selling Power Of Your Copy…
1. QUICKLY / EASILY / NATURALLY – ‘This software will quickly help you increase your sales’

2. Use soft lead ins to ease your prospect into thinking of buying from you.
E.g. instead of saying “purchase this product now for a trial offer of , say: ‘You are invited to take a test drive of our program for a full week at the trial cost of only ”

3. Trance words: SUDDENLY / AMAZING / DISCOVER – ‘Discover how powerful these copywriting tips for beginners are’

copywriting tips and tricks
5 Ways To Get Your Prospect Emotionally Involved With Your Copy…

1. Describe the experience your prospect has of how things play out in their life

2. Swipe from other successful sales letters and marketers.
Find out what your competitors are doing, and swipe portions of their copy to get ideas to use in your own. Don’t copy everything word for word, but if you see that it’s working for them, you can use the same concept and structure when creating your copy, but be sure to add your own spin and inject your own personality into it.

3. Always keep in mind the top 7 reasons why people buy…

(1) Make money
(2) Save money
(3) Save time
(4) Save effort
(5) Improve health
(6) Increase pleasure
(7) Eliminate pain

4. Use ENVY!

– Talk about something that you are envious of / were envious of before you had the advantages of your product

– Write about something that your prospects might be envious of

– Talk about how others will be envious of your prospect once they are enjoying the advantages of your offer

5. Remember the “RULE OF 7!”
Include in your copy body SEVEN stories or case studies where people can IMAGINE themselves using the product.

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3 Copywriting Tips For Facebook Ads

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3 Copywriting Tips For Facebook Ads

Now, you have to keep in mind that people are on Facebook for a specific reason, and it’s not to buy your products or services. It’s actually to socialize and connect with friends, find out what’s going on in other people’s lives.

So, your copy, really, first of all, needs to be conversational in nature, just like a status update. So, you know, if you go with really hardcore, typical marketing, it’s not going to work as well on Facebook as if you’re really conversational, and you’re just like talking one on one with a person through your ad copy.

Now, in that ad copy, it also really has to speak to the prospect’s self-interest. They want–people will only respond to things that really speak to a result that they had in their life or some type of pain that they’re trying to avoid. So make sure that your copy is speaking to that self-interest and then promises a specific benefit that they will achieve along the lines of that self-interest.

Then the third piece to that is you need to make sure that the solution that you’re promising them is something that’s quick and easy, or that it’s perceived as being quick and easy. And you’ll typically want to do this by putting a specific time frame on when they can achieve the result that you’re promising in your copy.

Alright, and the third piece to the copyrighting tips is that your ad really needs to have some type of an easy solution for your prospect. Nobody wants to take a long time to achieve the results that they’re looking for, and so within your copy, you want to be specific as to the time frame that they’re going to achieve the benefit that you’re promising in your ad.

So if you combine all three of those elements into your ad copy on Facebook, where you’re conversational, you’re speaking to the person’s self-interest, and you’re providing a solution that’s quick and easy, you’ll have a winning ad every single time.

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