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How To Increase Conversion Rate Easily (Conversion Rate Optimization 101)

It is essential that you do a good deal of website testing in order to improve your conversion rate. There are several tools available online one can use to conduct website testing. Learn more about optimizing your conversion rate in this video from the experts over at


Kissmetrics Presents: Engage – Conversion Rate Optimization Tool

– Kissmetrics Engage goes beyond the standard call-to-action, putting you a step ahead of the customer journey. These aren’t your standard popups: set these nudges to appear with exact triggers to particular audiences. Want new visitors to see a newsletter lightbox? Greet a campaign audience with a unique banner? Give a special offer to a buyer stalling in your shopping cart? Set it up and test easily with Engage, no IT or design resources required.


Sentient Ascend – AI Powered Conversion Rate Optimization

It’s not AB, it’s AI! Sentient Ascend™ is a conversion rate optimization solution that uses evolutionary algorithms to accelerate your testing and find winning designs faster.

Learn more at


Engage Academy: Website Optimisation – Design For Conversions By Jared Molko

Google Engage South Africa hosted a training day called the Engage Academy on 07 March, 2013. Filled with a day of learning it was only appropriate to end on a high.


The Big Picture Of CRO – Rand Fishkin – Moz

The much anticipated presentation from Rand Fishkin on Conversion Rate Optimization.

Download the slide deck here:

The Big Picture of CRO Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOmoz Download:
2. Basics of CRO
3. I want more peoplewho visit the site tosubscribe via email From my blog:
4. A) More People Visiting B) HigherConversion Rate
5. Let’s Improve the Call to Action!This must bethe problem!
6. A/B TestingWe’ll show half our visitors one and half the other, and get a winner
7. Multivariate Testing We’ll show each version to a percentage of visitors and find a winner
8. Statistical Significance Testing Most testing platforms have this built in. If you need a generic one and some tips on statistical significance, Avinash’s post here has good stuff:


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