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Online Marketing: Conversion Optimization Funnel CRO

What is a conversion funnel? How do you apply conversion funnels to your online marketing initiatives? What is a CPA for startups and e-commerce platforms?

Noble Digital founder and CEO Allen Martinez steps in the studio with Chris Do to explain what it is, and how to use it to drive growth and revenue. As a fellow practitioner of CORE, Al facilitates the discussion on how to view the SKOOL’s online marketing efforts.

It quickly becomes apparent that you “have to spend money to make money.”

1:37 CPA
2:57 MRR Monthly Recurring Revenue.
5:42 Tip 1 Tie Google and Shopify Analytics together

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After The Click – Conversion Optimisation

While the online marketing community has made great strides in understanding and optimising search and social marketing campaigns, many ecommerce websites fail to convert substantial numbers of visitors into buyers. Google has been working to understand the levers behind conversion rates and what makes some sites more successful in maximising their conversion rates. This presentation will cover what has been learned and the tools and methods that can help increase the conversion rates on websites.


What Are The Best Tips For Conversion Optimization – Live Peep Laja Of ConversionXL ConversionXlLive

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| Check out the latest interview with Alex Harris and Peep Laja. Peep is the founder of ConversionXL, a great blog on conversion rate optimization. Find out what mistakes not to make with A/B testing and tips to increase conversion. Plus some mobile and ecommerce talk.

Peep Laja of ConversionXL says, “Optimization is all about doing stuff better and getting more results about whatever you really want to do right now. If you’re selling stuff, optimization will help you do it better. Why do you want to optimize? Optimization is all about moving the needle.”


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Conversion Rate Optimisation Workshop

First impressions do matter! Is your website creating an image of confidence and credibility, or is it driving your hard-earned leads away with an appearance of untrustworthiness? Do you know if your website effectively engages your visitors, compelling them to become customers? Do you truly understand the true potential on Video Marketing and its impact on the number of your online sales or enquiries?

Presenter Amy Cheng, the Head of Conversion Rate Optimisation & Design has put together a highly educational 1 hour workshop to teach you:

* Best practices you must have on your website to maximise conversions
* How to use the best practices to optimise your website’s conversion rate
* The impact and effects of video on your conversion rate
* How to create a great impression with video and use it as a competitive advantage
* How to make sure that your online video will be a success
* What the best companies are doing with online video to get new customers

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E-Web Marketing will be holding more of these workshops in the near future – stay posted for our next Workshop!


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