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SEO Copywriting Tips: How To Create A Clickable Title

When you’re writing Web copy for search engines, it’s smart to pay attention to your Titles. Great Titles help increase search engine rankings – plus help visitors convert off the SERP page. Learn more about SEO copywriting and online writing techniques at


Alhan Keser – Improve Ecommerce With WiderFunnel Conversion Rate Optimization

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Alhan Keser is a conversion rate optimization specialist from the company Widerfunnel. You can learn about them at Having a website is a very important factor to have as an online marketer. It is where everything revolves, clients, money, products and many more. However, is redesigning a website important too?

Learn about the conversion optimization process from WiderFunnel.

Keser started at a small agency in New York working in SEO with traffic generation. Eventually, after he started working with conversion optimization and found a true passion within it. Keser then began working at WiderFunnel and as a conversion optimization expert. WiderFunnel offers some of the most in depth conversation optimization frameworks available and requires at least a 6 month commitment from clients. The long engagement allows for WiderFunnel to really dive deep into a company’s website to understand how they can redesign for increased ROI.

Framework of conversion optimization:The WiderFunnel System
Kaizen Plan
Lift Model
Create hypotheses and analyze results

Evolutionary site redesign


How Do I Start A Freelance Copywriting Business?

You can watch the video with narrative text at the SEO Copywriting blog:

In this video, I talk about what you need to know to start a freelance copywriting business – SEO or otherwise.

There are 5 critical questions you need to ask yourself before you make the leap into starting up your own copywriting business, all revolving around developing a business and marketing plan.

Tune in to find out what these essential considerations are! And thanks for joining me!

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Business Writing And Web Copywriting Tips

Web copy is the key to qualified leads online. This video tutorial by leading web copywriting firm Write2Market gives businesses three tips on better online visibility. Free samples at


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