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Copywriting Tips: How To Write A Compelling Sales Letter That Attracts Clients

presents copywriting tips. How to write a sales letter that attracts clients.

Write a compelling sales letter that converts prospects into loyal customers by touching on one of the 2 reasons they buy and 3 influencers that motivate their decisions.

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Conversion Rate Optimization 101

Dan McGaw, the CEO of Effin’ Amazing reviews:

– How to get started in CRO
– Learn how to kick butt with funnels
– We will teach you the analytics tools you need
– How to know when you have a winner


3 Simple Copywriting Tips To Get More Leads And Sales Today

Check out this short video for 3 stupid simple, yet extremely powerful copywriting tips that you can use to get more leads and sales today.


OMD Website Optimisation SEO UX CRO

Keep your website visible, competitive and relevant. Discover how our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), UX (User experience) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) services could help you to improve your website, predict your market needs, identify new trends, personalize your offer and gain a key position in search results. For more information contact


How To SEDUCE Customers With Good Copy – Copywriting Tips

Digital Marketing Tips 2013: Want to know how to get more engagement on your content? Want to increase your click rates? Want to generate more leads and sales?

In this video, Haroon Rashid of Khemeia Consulting shows businesses some really simple copywriting tips. Haroon shares the secret of good copywriting and how it can help drive more traffic to your website, generate more leads and sales for your business and increase your conversion rates. The strength of any written piece of content comes down to the copy. If the copy isn’t right then people will not be interested in your marketing.

Haroon Rashid is the Head of Marketing at Khemeia Consulting. We make Digital Marketing simple, straight forward and fun!

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