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Landing Page Optimization Tips To Boost Conversion Rate Immediately

Landing page Optimization strategies.
“Your sales volume will not meet your expectation even if you got the best website in the world ranked high on Google!

Bizarre but true, traffic is of no good if it’s not converting! Hence, optimizing your landing page is the key to boost your conversion rate and drive your business growth to Skyrocket your revenue.

However, the optimization techniques are crucial to make the most use out of your landing page conversion. The right design, the perfect content and the killer CTA are the main elements.

In this video, you will have an overview on the key elements of a landing page that are MUST for maximizing your conversion!

So buckle up and start watching! For more details, click the link on the description and check our blogs that gives you a complete guideline on growth hacking your business! ”


Ted Nicholas – Copywriting Tips For Beginners

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Convex Optimisation Example: Nutritionist

This example gives a problem in the form of a real-world description, and asks for a mathematical formulation of the optimisation problem. In this video, I only do the conversion step, and don’t solve the optimisation problem. The question is listed below, but I encourage you to mark off each piece of information as it is used in your lecture notes (the example appears on page 64).

The inequalities in the constraints may be simplified by dividing everything by 30, but I didn’t do this. It would make calculations a little easier, if you go on to solve this problem yourself.

==== Statement of problem ====

A nutritionist is planning a menu that includes foods A and B as its main staples. Suppose that each gram of food A contains 60 units of protein, 30 units of iron, and 30 units of thiamine; each gram of food B contains 30 units of protein, 30 units of iron, and 90 units of thiamine. Suppose that each gram of A costs 2 cents, while each gram of B costs 3 cents. The nutritionist wants the meal to provide at least 360 units of protein, at least 270 units of iron, and at least 450 units of thiamine. How many grams of each of the foods should be used to minimise the cost of the meal?


Effective Copywriting |How To Do Copywriting For Beginners

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Conversion Rate Optimization – Become A Website Hero

From – The traditional approach to website design is flawed. Learn how Conversion Rate Optimization and data-driven design practices can revolutionize the way you approach website redesigns (and slay the website HiPPO!).


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