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Copywriting Tips For Beginners. Learn Copywriting

Trevor Crook, Ted Nicholas & Peter Woodhead’s 3.5 Day Copywriting Workshop reveals how you can become a copywriter. Learn Copywriting from basic copywriting tips for beginners to advanced copywriting tips . . . when you want to ignite your sales and profits. The easiest way ever devised for you to become a copywriter is almost ready. Go to:


The Big Picture Of CRO – Rand Fishkin – Moz

The much anticipated presentation from Rand Fishkin on Conversion Rate Optimization.

Download the slide deck here:

The Big Picture of CRO Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOmoz Download:
2. Basics of CRO
3. I want more peoplewho visit the site tosubscribe via email From my blog:
4. A) More People Visiting B) HigherConversion Rate
5. Let’s Improve the Call to Action!This must bethe problem!
6. A/B TestingWe’ll show half our visitors one and half the other, and get a winner
7. Multivariate Testing We’ll show each version to a percentage of visitors and find a winner
8. Statistical Significance Testing Most testing platforms have this built in. If you need a generic one and some tips on statistical significance, Avinash’s post here has good stuff:


Emotional Direct Response Marketing & Copywriting Tips

Craig Garber Reveals Secrets of e-mail marketing, how to use a copywriting swipe file, and… much more!


How To Extract Benefits From Features: Word Smart Copywriting Tutorial

Your marketing copywriting should focus on benefits rather than features, right? But how do you figure out the benefits? This copywriting tutorial shows you how a professional copywriter (me) does it.

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Improving ECommerce Conversions Using Google Analytics

In this webinar entitled “Improve Online Conversions: Measure, Test, Analyse” we discuss simple ways you can increase your eCommerce store’s conversion rate via Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO.

We dive into Google Analytics and cover some of the key areas within Analytics and how you can leverage them to improve your website UI and UX to improve your conversion rate.

When looking at Google Analytics, we dive into the following key topics:
– What is Google Analytics?
– General Terminology
– Why you should be using Google Analytics on your eCommerce website/store
– How you can leverage Analytics to increase your revenue
– Tracking events and goals
– Setting up Experiments (A/B / Multivariate tests).

This is a recording from the live Evosite & Sage Pay webinar from 18th September 2014.


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