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A money making guide by Brian S. Mahoney with copywriting tips to guide you to making more money. Tips for writing copy to boost sales. Makin money online with online marketing.
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Conversion UP – Best Conversion Optimisation Campaign Strategy

How does put together conversion optimisation strategies for their clients that are risk free and 100% accountable and every step of the way.

Hey Guys, this is Grant Merriel from Conversion UP.
I head up operations and want to take this opportunity to explain how we hold ourselves accountable to your businesses overall success and growth during your campaign.

First off is setting a clear benchmark to ensure that we obtain a data set of your current conversion rate. This is essential as the analytical data forms the basis of your campaign and the current success of your website.

Our benchmark is refined to your business and goals are set based on the functionality of your website.
Eg, For those businesses that sell products directly from their website, our benchmark will be made on the percent of sales you get from your visitors.

While, Businesses that are either service based or require leads to sell, their benchmarking will be built from the amount of successful enquiries they receive via email and contact forms.

Secondly we hold ourselves accountable to hitting our internal KPI’s (key performance indicators).

Our entire team understands that the absolute minimum target for every client is to hit a 15% conversion uplift within the first 90 days and similar growth every subsequent quarter.
By achieving this target, we consistently enable our clients to become revenue positive on their investment within only 3 months, which means their growth not only pays for our service but has also grown their bottom line significantly.

This level of service is not taken lightly by the team at Conversion UP and we consistently achieve well above our fierce targets.

Thirdly is our accountability and ensuring that we utilise real time visitor analytics, tracking engagement on different parts of a page and correctly tracking every conversion that occurs across your entire site. With the amount of data that is being reviewed we can refine your marketing message every month and analyse each strategy that has been implemented to constantly capture growth in your business.

We are looking forward to hoping you grow your business with conversion optimisation.


How To Write A Headline – Copywriting Tips

When your writing headlines, it’s essential to hook your audience, and give yourself a lead in to your material. Find out what legendary ad man David Ogilvy says about how to write a headline, and why this is the most important piece of every communication. Grab your free report the 7 rules of writing effective copy at:

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

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3 Copywriting Tips For Facebook Ads

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3 Copywriting Tips For Facebook Ads

Now, you have to keep in mind that people are on Facebook for a specific reason, and it’s not to buy your products or services. It’s actually to socialize and connect with friends, find out what’s going on in other people’s lives.

So, your copy, really, first of all, needs to be conversational in nature, just like a status update. So, you know, if you go with really hardcore, typical marketing, it’s not going to work as well on Facebook as if you’re really conversational, and you’re just like talking one on one with a person through your ad copy.

Now, in that ad copy, it also really has to speak to the prospect’s self-interest. They want–people will only respond to things that really speak to a result that they had in their life or some type of pain that they’re trying to avoid. So make sure that your copy is speaking to that self-interest and then promises a specific benefit that they will achieve along the lines of that self-interest.

Then the third piece to that is you need to make sure that the solution that you’re promising them is something that’s quick and easy, or that it’s perceived as being quick and easy. And you’ll typically want to do this by putting a specific time frame on when they can achieve the result that you’re promising in your copy.

Alright, and the third piece to the copyrighting tips is that your ad really needs to have some type of an easy solution for your prospect. Nobody wants to take a long time to achieve the results that they’re looking for, and so within your copy, you want to be specific as to the time frame that they’re going to achieve the benefit that you’re promising in your ad.

So if you combine all three of those elements into your ad copy on Facebook, where you’re conversational, you’re speaking to the person’s self-interest, and you’re providing a solution that’s quick and easy, you’ll have a winning ad every single time.

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