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Email Copywriting Tips: 5 Proven Subject Line Formulas

A video, published by This email copywriting tips video show 5 proven subject line formulas to help you increase your open rates


7 Failsafe Checkout Optimization Tips From A Store With 5% Conversion Rate!

Looking to improve your store’s conversion rate? There are loads of things you can do but learn tips around checking from a store that has a 5% conversion rate!

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Copywriting Tips – Write In A Conversational Tone

The age old advice is to write the way you talk, along with just one reader. Avoid writing to all of them, and speak to the people without using jargon, and pompous words. For more tips and to grab your free report the 7 rules of writing effective copy writing visit:

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How To Improve Your Conversion Rate When You Have Little To No Website Visitors

How do you improve your conversion rate when you have little to no traffic?
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Well, the first thing you need to know is that conventional A/B testing tools require you to have a lot of visitors. For example, with Optimizely a test won’t end until there is statistical significance.

So, in this case, the test would go on for months until it finds a winner.

But for low traffic sites, you can use tools like Crazy Egg which can help you generate more leads and sales even if you have low traffic.

What Crazy Egg does is allow you to create different versions of your landing pages using a WYSIWYG editor. From there Crazy Egg uses bandit testing technology which automatically adjusts traffic to each variation based on which one is performing the best.

Crazy Egg will also show you reports, such as where people are clicking and even show you mouse movement recordings so you can see where people are stuck and then fix it within Crazy Egg.

That’s how you generate more sales and conversions when you have little to no visitors.


John Carlton Copywriting Tips: Grab Your Prospect

John Carlton’s hot seat is for Scott, who is selling a package that shows people how to get out of debt.

His headline reads “local mortgage broker finally pulls back curtain to reveal radical, yet proven secrets on how to use mortgages to combine all your debts into one and put an extra 0-00 in your pocket every month. Then pay off all your debts, including your mortgage, in as little as 5 to 7 years — automatically!”

One of the things he is not doing is identifying his target market. He is not identifying who he’s talking to. He may have done this because maybe he found a newspaper targeted to people who need debt consolidation or are into mortgages… probably not the case.

One of the things I would suggest that you do is identify your target market. A lot of times we do this using what’s called a superscript. A superscript goes above the headline. So if this was a regular headline, the superscript would go above it. The purpose of the superscript, or the first words in the headline, is often to identify the market you’re in. Unless you’re using Adwords and your ad says “attention bowlers…learn how to score your first 300 game this week” and sends them to this ad. You would not have to repeat “attention bowlers” again, you can get right into it.
If you’re not in that situation…where you know absolutely 100% that the person reading this is the right person, then it helps to identify the target market.

One of the easiest ways to do that is with a superscript, saying something like “are you mired in debt?”, “Are you looking for a way out of debt?”, Or something like that.

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