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Alhan Keser is a conversion rate optimization specialist from the company Widerfunnel. You can learn about them at Having a website is a very important factor to have as an online marketer. It is where everything revolves, clients, money, products and many more. However, is redesigning a website important too?

Learn about the conversion optimization process from WiderFunnel.

Keser started at a small agency in New York working in SEO with traffic generation. Eventually, after he started working with conversion optimization and found a true passion within it. Keser then began working at WiderFunnel and as a conversion optimization expert. WiderFunnel offers some of the most in depth conversation optimization frameworks available and requires at least a 6 month commitment from clients. The long engagement allows for WiderFunnel to really dive deep into a company’s website to understand how they can redesign for increased ROI.

Framework of conversion optimization:The WiderFunnel System
Kaizen Plan
Lift Model
Create hypotheses and analyze results

Evolutionary site redesign

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