50 A/B Split Test Conversion Optimization Case Studies

A/B Split Testing is so important for online marketing. Never be satisfied, as you can always improve for conversions.

I’m Bree Nakatani at Wishpond and I am going to go through 50 Case studies to give you ideas on things you should be optimizing.

Kiva, an innovative non-profit organization, wanted to increase the number of donations of first time visitors to their landing page.

Hypothesis: Kiva believed that if they provided more information for visitors on their landing page that they’d increase the number of donors.

Result: Adding an information box to the bottom of the page resulted in an 11.5% increase in donations.

You always need to make sure you answer any objections a visitor to your landing page will have. The additional information at the bottom helped clarify objections and increase credibility as an organization.

So when you create your page add an FAQ section, social proof and Statistics to increase conversions.


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