3 Powerful Copywriting Tips

To begin with, learning to write good sales copy won’t only happen overnight. It’s a craft, an art form and you has to be willing to practice. With that said…

Tip #1, you rarely require words ‘the’ and ‘than’. Go back and look at an item of copy that you’ve written, may it be a message auto-responder sequence or even a long copy sales letter or whatever it happens to be. Go back, look and you will observe that what ‘the’ and ‘than’ are rarely used. It just actually makes your sentences a tremendous amount wordier and isn’t needed since you can relay the same message and acquire the same point across using slightly different words.

Tip #2 would be to read classics written by Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace, all the legendary copywriters; read letters and duplicate they’ve written. The truth is, just Google their names, be aware and let it absorb. The easiest way that one could learn to take action is always to watch or mimic someone that already knows what they’re doing, that is the best method that you can get a brand new skill also it applies exactly the same to copywriting.

Go on and Google a few of the big names like those I discussed, John Carlton, Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace. Read a number of the letters that they have written, take notes and blend it with your own personal swipe file.

Tip #3, have a really solid swipe file; have different headlines you are aware been employed by in the past or that you’ve noticed in other sales letters that caught your attention as if they caught your attention, certainly they have caught other people’s attention also. Be aware of these, copy them down and keep them in a separate file.

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