10 Tips For Writing Effective Email Copy Www.EmailDelivered.com Email Copywriting

10 Tips for Writing Effective Email Copy Email Copywriting

There is an email marketing truism that says ‘the money is in the list,’ which may be true, but it doesn’t account for all the work that it takes to get the list to buy. Writing effective email copy is a huge part of that. Here are 10 tips for writing effective email copy: define your desired response, define your call to action (CTA), ask yourself ‘what’s the big idea?,’ write a killer subject line, be personal, sell the sizzle, reward the reader, repeat your call to action, include a P.S., and tease your next email. Remember to always offer curiosity in your subject line, and a benefit and reward for your subscriber. The key is to nurture the relationship and make sure you’re offering real value in your email copy.

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