10 Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques You Can Test With Divi Leads – Divi Nation Short

In this post our host Nathan B. Weller walks you step by step through ten different conversion rate optimization tests you can run with Divi Leads. All based on popular conversion rate optimization techniques.

Now you can know for certain what works and what doesn’t!

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Divi Leads Documentation:

Green button vs. Red button – 00:01:38

No security trust symbol on pricing table vs. Security trust symbol on pricing table – 00:05:20

Smiling face on landing page vs. Non-smiling face on landing page – 00:08:01

No directional queues vs. Directional queues (on landing pages) – 00:10:08

Video vs. Still Image on CTA – 00:13:07

Social proof on signup form vs. No social proof on signup form – 00:15:49

Four price options vs. Three price options – 00:17:47

Headline variations – 00:20:06

“Start Your Free Trial Today” vs. “Buy Now” – 00:22:26

Unconventional Button Copy – 00:24:41

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